As I have mentioned in previous articles, I am following closely Jack Canfield and his Success Principles program. It starts with E+R=O.  Event plus Response equals Outcome. Or put another way, you are responsible for the outcomes in your life. In this nanny state we call Ontario, you are still responsible for your life. Not your mother, not your mean grade six teacher, You! For those not ready to fully absorb this truth, and has excuses like “what if a plane falls out of the sky and crashes on me how is that my fault? No one mentioned fault- he said responsible. It order to keep the process flowing, he offers, ”Act as if” Can you even imagine the amount of productivity unleashed? People actually striving instead of hosting their own pity parties? I recommend the book highly. The Success principles by Jack Canfield. Twenty-five bucks to buy it, two weeks to read it and thirty days to start implementing it. After reading literally hundreds of management and self- help books, this one is a keeper. Till we chat again,   Wayne]]>