In the last few weeks, I have mentioned things that could change your potential career path. I have offered a few “what’s” but today I want to circle back (yes James that was for you) on the “why’s”. For over a year the “how’s” of income generation has changed considerably, and we hear about the “Great resignation”. However, I am seeing mostly grumpy people threatening to quit, with very little thought about what they want to be or do or even have. Just a general dissatisfaction of what is.

I may have a solution. Included below is a personal mission generator to help you figure what you might want to be when you grow up. Corporately these can be done to death and plastered on every wall of their office or showroom, but the same undertaking is just as important personally.

Today I have something extra; If you do the exercise before December 1, 2021, let me know and I will give you a free coaching session to help you figure out the “now what”. You don’t have to sign up, there will be no sales pitch! This is my gift to the covid weary. Enjoy!


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