Do you remember when you stopped dreaming? If you ask a seven year old what they want to be, they know; astronaut, jet pilot, football star etc. (I wanted to be a fire truck, but I was confused.) somewhere along the road they gave up. Either someone they trusted told them they couldn’t, or negative self-talk as they made their first faltering steps in that direction shut them down.  Counselling is beyond my expertise, and your past I can do very little to change, but the present, and what you want right now, we can make a difference. Both Brian Tracy and Jack Canfeild have started talks with “if you knew you could not fail, what would you be working toward? what goals would you set? We will get to goals later, right now it is just your dreams and aspirations I am worried about. Get to a beach, or beside a lake somewhere, with a pad of paper and a pen, no not a laptop, not your phone, paper. Then start writing! Don’t worry about sentence structure or grammar, just write. Maybe it flows, maybe it is like pulling teeth, ( I once saw a woman start to cry staring at her blank page in a goal seminar.) It might even take a couple of tries, but, I promise, the unpacking and executing of what you have rediscovered will change your life for the better! Till we chat again, Wayne]]>