Fill your glassDid you hear about the man who wanted to be a motivator but was too depressed? At first it is funny, but on another level there is a real truth here. The real test of a trainer/motivator is how does he or she act when the stage lights are off? As they say – you shouldn’t trust a vegetarian butcher. There are those in our industry who view their clients as rubes, and believe their job is done when the snake oil is delivered. The rest of us struggle with trying to balance living with integrity while admitting we are human and our smiles are not surgically pasted to our faces… All people have to face the ebb and flow of day-to-day life. Some manage this more gracefully then others. A positive, goal focused person will bounce back quicker from events that stop others, and perhaps even use the circumstance as a learning tool. Some folks say the glass is half empty, others say it is half full. But the people who seem to have the most satisfaction in their lives are the ones who say:  “Wow, that glass needs to be filled up!” and then set about filling it. I’m still trying to be a glass-filling kind of guy – the jury’s still out on that, but I keep trying. How about you? Till we chat again,   W]]>