In my twenty plus years I have seen hundreds if not thousands people struggle with goal setting. Many are afraid even to look at it, and many more set themselves up to fail. What do I see as some roadblocks? The first thing is the five-year goal. We think that is what are supposed to do. The five-year goal is the beginning not the end. Why? Many five-year goals seem to stay five years out. As well, it always seems like the desert island through the haze. It seems unreal, we don’t own it.  The other extreme is our days and weeks. Most of us just get through them, with out a lot of thought. Between the general noise and the urgent, our goals seem to take a back seat. So what can be done? I believe the answer is the next 90 days. Why ninety days? Ninety days is far enough away to plan for, but close enough to believe it is going to happen. Let’s imagine you completed two ninety goal sessions, and achieved the bulk of what you were aiming for. Six months have passed. Does your life look different? I bet it does. Not just your outer life, possibly the cars, the vacations etc. more importantly, your inner life. The sense of control, the serenity, the feelings of self-worth. All because you decided what you wanted, picked a timeline to complete it in, and did it.   Give it a try, let me know how it works for you. Till we chat again,   Wayne                                                                             ]]>