Do you want to finish 2017 on a high note? Do you want to hit 2018 all ready for a great year? You have ninety days. No, I didn’t misread the calendar, between office parties, Christmas, maybe a snow day or two, I may even be generous. Get started now! So, what am I suggesting you should do? Take the various wishes and daydreams rattling around in your head, and convert them into two or three goals with deadlines! Write them down. Next, write down 9-12 (shoot for one a week) mini-goals or tasks which support your main goals. Thirdly, what roadblocks or obstacles could stop you from achievement of your goals? Get these on paper also. Why? The main reason, is when they are on paper, they are out of your head. Negatives in our head seem to get focused on and amplified, and leave us, to use a buzz word of my industry, Stuck. The second reason to get these roadblocks on paper, is to start working on potential solutions. This maybe is where a coach could be useful. Bonus exercise: Take a moment, and feel how you would feel with the accomplishment your goals. Close your eyes, and with as much detail as possible, what do you see? Even what do you smell? what do you hear? Now snap that picture in your mind, and you have a ready tool to fight procrastination, discouragement or perhaps, even worry. Please let me know if this article was useful. Oh, by the way, Happy New Year!      ]]>