The power of the smaller goal

Today I want to talk about the power of the smaller goal. Now wait, you say doesn’t everybody talk about the “big” goal? Please understand, the small goal is a stepping stone or the bridge to the big goal. Let’s say your five-year goal is a trip to Hawaii. The smaller goal is save one hundred dollars this month  toward that trip. Which is more important? Similarly, which is more important, bricks or mortar? The answer of course, is both. The smaller goal achieves three goals: 1.       The delusion that I don’t have to do anything right now, I will deal with it later. This is why five year goals often stay five years out. 2.       I get discouraged when I don’t see any progress. 3.       I am able to make course corrections that I would be unaware of if I just dealt with the big goal.   What time frames are these smaller goals usually? I think smaller goals are usually weekly or monthly. So take a few minutes, come up with smaller goals which backstop your big goal.   Let me know how this is working for you. Till we chat again,   Wayne]]>