“The same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world…”
You may not be that maniacal, most I believe many can relate to Brain’s desire, at least partially. I got thinking, however, there may be a lesson in studying Brain’s results. (From the cartoon Pinky and the Brain) He has the goal, it is even written down! And he goes through these ridiculous steps to achieve these steps, fails hilariously, quits, and launches a new goal the next day. He and Pinky never get any traction. If you bear with the metaphor a little longer, I believe they are missing the power of the action step! Make the goal, write it down, refine it, and then take incremental steps to achieve it.
Action steps do three main things:
They help you break down the steps with deadlines necessary to make the dream a likelihood.
They help you stay encouraged that you are in the process, and making small wins, so you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.
They hold you accountable, so that every week or two you know you are designing and achieving the steps toward that big goal. At the end of the day, I think this is one of the real differences between wishing and goal setting.
A side effect of this process, by working continually toward that “goal” it helps you to reflect and decide if in your heart of hearts it is that important to you.
If you are wondering what I am doing tomorrow, the same thing I do every day…try to take over the world.
Till we chat again,