In the last couple of years of coaching, the thing I have run into the most is prospects don’t have any idea of how coaching might benefit them. Here is a quick overview of what coaching should provide:

What you get out of being coached

The ability to get out of ruts or being “stuck.” The clarity to focus on your own goals. Not your parents goals, not your spouse’s goals, not your boss’s goals-yours. Help prioritizing on which goals would provide the most immediate benefit, toward what you really want, not vague wishes which crowd our brain and always seem way in the future. Having someone hold you accountable, when the natural tendency is to drift. An ability to avoid discouragement because you are building on regular wins. Every meeting with your coach there can be something to celebrate. A cheering section. Most of us crave approval. A safe affordable way to discover what you can achieve. By working incrementally, many roadblocks simply disappear leading you to the fulfilment of your goals and dreams.  ]]>