Much of the time when I discuss life coaching, the topic of setting goals usually comes up. Many people tell me they are afraid of setting goals because of what would happen if they didn’t achieve them. “They would have failed.” I assure them they were missing the point.
To strive to achieve a heartfelt and probably worthy goal, and perhaps fall short is called the journey.  A lot of this fear of setting goals is based on catastrophizing. What would happen if my new business failed? What would happen if I lost my house? What would I do if I proved my critics right?
So I ask you, what is the worst thing that could happen? Now imagine it does. Now what? Can you start another business using the knowledge and wisdom your mistakes taught you? Can you buy a new, perhaps even better house next time? And these critics, did they truly have your back, or where they secretly hoping you would fail so they would feel better about their own lives?
The next question you need to ask, is “How do I keep that worst thing from happening”? Can I plan using better-developed strategies or benchmarks? Can I set mini-goals so that I get more feedback, see the long road more clearly, and maybe feel more like a winner by accomplishing and then resetting these mini-goals?
In high tech, relaunching after a spectacular failure is called a “pivot”. Often the founders then go on to get it right. Walt Disney, Col. Saunders, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford – the list is nearly endless.
In Venture Capital investing, many lenders will not take you seriously until you have had at least one multimillion-dollar failure.
So start dreaming, get failing, and start winning!
Till we chat again,