Is this your head office? I believe home based businesses is going to grow, not because it is the best choice, but perhaps it is the only choice left. The downtown office is going for $500 to $2500 a month, plus parking, plus tax, plus hydro etc. often leading entrepreneurs back to the spare bedroom. The physical plant business owners used to need has often been replaced by the smart phone. We are just starting to see  hybrid solutions, like co-work sites, shared offices, and the most Canadian location, Tim Hortons. Can we develop collegial solutions to overcome our isolation? Will business clubs become more important? Is it time to develop that Mastermind that Napoleon Hill (Think and grow rich) talked about at length? Can high speed fiber and Facebook replace the water cooler?  Here is an out there thought-as physical books lessen in priority, will the public library become the new shared office space? It might be interesting. I would to hear your thoughts on this topic. drop me an e-mail. Till we chat again, Wayne]]>