Happy New Year!

2020 has a big feel, maybe a clean start. A fresh chance to be, do and have more.
You may find, however, to have things turn out differently, you have to do things differently. This may be the year for more than New Year’s resolutions, where you know 90% of people will fail, and set themselves up for disappointment and perhaps shame.
Some suggestions:
Stop the shouds.
I should lose weight. I should drink less. I should be kinder.
These may be society’s goals or your culture’s goals, but they aren’t yours. You don’t own them, and you can’t accomplish what you don’t already, internally at least, own.
Don’t set any major goal without a corresponding Why. Why do you want to achieve that? How will it make you feel? Transfix that feeling and briefly relive it when your willpower fades or previous habits creep in.
I quote that famous philosopher, Yoda, “Do or do not do, there is no try.”
Have an accountability partner, and yes, it could be a coach, but it could be a good friend. Someone who wants you to win!
So, go blow the doors off this year with what you achieve, and make it a Happy New Year!
Till we chat again,