I think you would agree many of our businesses take a life of their own. Now if you ignore multi-generational empires, where the owners may feel they are only stewards, I think you could agree the main purpose of the business, is the care, feeding and maintenance of the owner and his or her family. The difficulty is when the business is growing and you aren’t. So why is this relevant? One of my favourite hobby-horses is: be, do, have. Our society often forgets the be. What you have is merely a by product of what you are becoming, Want an obvious example? Broke lottery winners. They changed their have, but not their be. A year or two passes and they are as bad off or worse than when they began. I even spent some time in Ohio, learning about a coaching company Whose entire mandate is to help business owners go from COO’s to CEO’s. Working more on than in their business. Also, if you spend any time viewing media, obsolesce is a regular topic, So, here is my shorthand. Your product or service may be rendered obsolete but you don’t have to. There is always a course, a certificate or even a new vocation to help you stay relevant. So, take that off-site time to plan or meditate on what is next. I promise, the being will make the doing more interesting. Till we chat again, Wayne