Following up from last week’s post on realizing your goals, today I am talking about accountability. It is I believe the third leg of the coaching industry stool.( If my metaphor is lost on you, we had a dairy farm.)

Again and again, I realize that an undeclared goal can quickly slide into a wish when the going gets a little tough. So, I am recommending that everyone has an accountability partner, a coach or both! Remember that accountability partnerships have to be reciprocal to be the most productive, and for many people, a coach is easier and usually quicker. Many people are simply not able to ask the hard necessary questions. Why do people fear accountability? I suggest three main reasons:

  1. You would have to admit you really mind being stuck.
  2. You don’t want to admit the goal was never truly yours.
  3. You are afraid to learn and grow from setbacks and have catastrophized over failing.(Remember my namesake Wayne (Gretzky!) said ” You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.)

Jack Canfield (Mr. Chicken Soup) Says that every risk is a chance to win or a chance to learn. Get learning!

So, if you are ready to turn your dreams into goals, and your goals into plans, book a discovery call.

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