Last week I went to a Celebration of Life. There were hugs, Amazing Grace on bagpipes, those rollup sandwiches, (I love Church lady sandwiches!) and a sense of a life well lived!

Being on the north side of 60 this is not a rare occurrence; however, I did learn some things. My mind drifted back to Stephen Covey’s amazing book, 7 Habits for Highly Successful People. He asks us to imagine our own funeral, and what we would want said about us.

I hope to be known as an encourager, and perhaps even funny, but I was struck with a thought that seemed profound. If you have something uplifting to tell someone about a positive effect they had on your life, TELL THEM! If you wait until pallbearers are involved, it is too late! If you choose to tell someone why they are appreciated, it may or may not have a profound impact on their day, but I assure you it will have a profound effect on your day!

Thanks for reading,