Today I am telling you about the third thing coaches
provide, and how you can get it.

That thing is having a cheerleader. It is no accident those 6 year olds get participation trophies.

Recognition, babies cry for it, men die for it! Maybe you  tell yourself you don’t need that, you know when you did something well. 

Really? If you are like most of us, even the barefoot shoemakers like myself, you have been playing negative tapes (remember those?) about yourself for twenty, thirty, maybe forty years. Cheerleaders seem to erase these tapes. Even
football stars with shoulders as big as bison’s seem to play better when there are “is cheerleaders.

So, how do you get a cheerleader? Well, hiring a  coach is a good start. Hey, I have to get my plug in when I can. As well, two of the best ways to find cheerleaders I know of is do something worthy, and be a cheerleader for others. If you offer sincere, heartfelt praise for others, it comes back to you, and not always from who you had the praise for. I recommend reading or listening to the book “The Secret”.  I will delve more into that in another post.

If you know me, I mention scarves, clothing colours, a shirt tie combo I think works etc. and you would be amazed how often people’s body language change. May I mention again, sincere praise, if you don’t mean it don’t say it. May I recommend finding two or three people you respect and let them know why, I think you may find they have a high opinion of you as well.

At very least, they will think you have great taste.

That is all for now, till we chat again,