Most people who follow me know that I am a coach. The next question they ask, (or sometimes want to but don’t) is: what is coaching, and why does it matter to me?

Once I clear up the fact that it has nothing to do with helping their nine-year-old play soccer better, they are often lost, with no idea of what questions to ask now. Many people have heard some vague reference to “executive coaching” or “success coaching” but they believe it is just for the “C Suite” clients. For those who hate jargon, that means CEO, COO, CFO, etc. The message they seem to take away is that’s fine for them, but it’s not for you, schmuck.

That didn’t seem right to me; does the guy at the plant or driving the truck not have the same desire for clarity or accountability as the guy in the corner office? How did this happen? I believe some of this has come about because of the flattening of the corporate office system.  That is, the disappearance of middle management. Those were the people who were supposed to align the company’s interests with the employees’ interests (that was the thought anyway). And sadly it did not always work that way! In the age of shorter hairstyles, you could at least get a weekly check-up from the neck up from your barber!  (Thank you, Zig Ziglar)

So what  to do about it? I believe this calls for a book! However, I don’t believe in shouting in an empty room, so I am asking my followers to sign up for a  chapter a week for 12 chapters (about 3 months) on what I believe would help you to be, do and have more. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, (I always wanted to say that!) is to read the chapter, answer a one to two-page questionnaire, and aspire to live the resulting changes. Hopefully, this is Mission Possible.

At the end, of this experience, you’ll own the completed ebook, and perhaps most importantly, three months of tangible results which might answer some of the nagging questions that have been knocking around your brain, and help to unleash the goals and hopes that you have.

If you are interested in participating, fill out the form below. And if there is no up-take, then there is no book. No harm, no foul. At best, it should be interesting and maybe leave us both better off.

All the best,