Napoleon Hill in his seminal work, “Think and Grow Rich” speaks about your Chief Definite Aim.

This is the Gold Standard of goal setting. It goes beyond checklists and acquiring stuff. It is what gets you up in the morning.

Last fall, I developed Lyme disease, and spent most of September and October on my back. As I was recuperating, I had an excellent chance to evaluate what I wanted out of my life. (I also lost 40 lbs, but I would not recommend the diet.)

You know what? More stuff was way down the list. When picking up your dry cleaning takes all the energy you have for the day, the late model Mercedes seems somewhat less important.

Do you have a Chief Definite Aim that gets you through the road blocks and hurdles of that frustrating day or week? For me, it is the chance to train and equip people to get them achieving their goals.

Is your CDA (Chief Definite Aim) a little fuzzy?

If you don’t have a clear concise understanding of what yours, is, may I recommend taking some time this week to develop it. Then write it down, and keep it close. Print in clearly on an index card or two, stick one on the fridge or your shaving mirror. Keep one in your shirt pocket to recite when the prospect says no. It might seem corny, but try it for 30 days, and I bet you a large double double, your life will seem more on purpose and you will be swayed less by how you are feeling that day.

Phase Two is subordinating your wants and plans to that CDA. This helps you assure you are building your goals on your
goals. It is also more fun. Can you imagine how boring hockey would be with no nets!

Something to ponder till we chat again,