We are in the forth week of January, and some resolutions are going by the wayside. But that is not what |I am going to talk about. Guilt has gotten a bad rap. It’s only two purposes are so that you do not do what you are temped to do, or stop doing what are doing that doesn’t line up with your belief systems. Guilt is about an event, (criminal courts aside) when most people discuss feeling guilty, what they are really discussing is shame. Shame is about the person. It is always toxic, and never leads you to positive health. How do you get rid of shame? Suffice it to say, there is much wisdom literature, and scores of trained counsellors to help. However, recognizing guilt, and letting it positively modify your behaviors to congruence, (being what you want to be) is within a good coach’s mandate. I thought you might find the difference helpful.

Till we chat again,