We are entering fall, and as I plan and forecast, I am even more convinced people need a side gig, sometimes called a side hustle.

What am I talking about? A business or opportunity along with your regular job to make more money, learn new skills and put you more in control of your life.

During the last eighteen months often people’s jobs have been under siege. You may have been laid off, pivoted to totally new conditions, or just wondering “what do I really want ?“.

Why a side business?

You have probably spent enough time on your couch watching T.V. already. With the current uncertainty, finding that $2-500 potential extra income seems like a great idea. You are passionate about something you can’t find in your current 9-5

If you need new skills to do what you hope to do, you don’t have to go cap in hand looking for permission or funding.

You may not be ready to commit 35 to 50 hours a week toward a new project. There are some benefits of your regular employment, like your colleagues or your paycheck that you don’t want to give up right now. You may be cautious by nature, and you want to look into the room before you walk in.

So I recommend finding something that fits the bill, learn the pros and the cons and make an informed decision. You may find even if what you pick is not all you hoped, you are probably better off than with the regret that you could have done “something”.

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