Is the glass half full or half empty? Even during our last year of confusion, I am suggesting not only is it half full, but our job (to quote a friend) is to fill it up! Please understand, I do not want to minimize the fact that there is personal suffering. However, as a society we continue to survive; some have even thrived!
May I start with a suggestion? An attitude of abundance will get us farther than an attitude of scarcity. May I also add, the 24/7 news cycle is not your friend. And yes, I am preaching to myself as well.
I understand that objective facts inform us about where we are and what’s going on, but we soon reach a point where we are just poisoning the well. I recommend a media fast day once a week (I strive for Sundays). Don’t worry about whether there is something that you just have to know, someone will tell you!
I believe brighter days are coming, both metaphorically and seasonally, so keep the faith. To help you,  I offer a quarterly Abundance Calendar as a free download, and I hope you’ll try it for at least a season.
As always, let me know how it works for you. Go fill up that cup!
Until we chat again,