I have invented a time machine, I am so excited! I am looking forward to taking you on a trip into the future. Will you join me? How about a visit to September 1, 2019

How are you feeling about your progress over the summer? What processes did you put in place for you to have achieved your current goals? Do you sense a feeling of accomplishment and pride?

What roadblocks did you overcome to get you where you are now? Looking back, does being at the finish line seem different than you expected?

What does today (September 1) look like? What does it feel like? Can you practically smell and taste the result of your accomplished goal/s? Linger here a moment. Let the vision burn into your senses. Know that once you see it that clearly, you can always revisit that memory when obstacles or frustrations are crowding your path.

OK, now we are going back to June 6. Can you write out a plan for the next three steps you need to accomplish to make that September vision a reality? Will you decide to press forward on achieving these action steps, even when that Clive Cussler novel or that second margarita beckons?

I am not suggesting you become a goal machine – I understand a work-life balance. I am only stating that going forward you have choices. Looking backward, perhaps regret.

Something to think about.

Please let me know how your time machine trips go.

Till we chat again,