We’re a week into a new month, so let’s look into our crystal balls… No, I haven’t gone New Age, it is a metaphor.

A brighter future could be coming! Spring is around the corner, bringing with it with warmer weather to enable us to safely meet with others outdoors.
People are getting vaccinated, perhaps more slowly than we would like, but this September is looking to be brighter than last September. Also, people are taking mental health much more seriously, both theirs and society’s, and I think this could be a good thing.

Many have found that working from home is useful and has advantages. Some of you have developed or are developing a side gig to either explore your passions or just to give you more control over your income. This to me is huge – it wasn’t that long ago that having a side gig or monetizing a hobby branded you as either not being serious about your career or a flake. History has proven this wrong on both counts!

If you read, and hopefully enjoy, my blog posts, you’ll know that what you are doing, or want to do, matters to me. If you want to spend 15-20 minutes sharing what the gig is, and why you are the one to do it, give me a call at the number below, and no, it won’t be a coaching call, so it won’t run up the meter, the time is on me.

These are some of my reasons for optimism, what are you optimistic about? Send me a note.

Until we chat again,