When many people think of marketing they often think of big business. Pepsi, Coke, GM. Marketing for small business, and most importantly, your business, is also essential.

So, what is marketing? And what is the difference between marketing and selling?
Marketing is developing a platform or script for why someone should buy your goods or services. Selling is why they should buy from you today!

Many of my clients and subscribers have started or are considering starting their own business. This is the advice that I give them.

When developing your marketing plan you must make clear your unique selling proposition. This is often called a U.S.P. Many times the USP is you – simply put, why you? So it should start with you, no hemming and hawing, no “Um”s; if you don’t know it cold, they don’t need to. Explain it, back it up. Here is where the testimonial comes in; this is also called social proof.

And be sure to make clear the difference between the features you offer and the benefits the client will receive. A feature is only important if the client perceives the benefit. . What problem does it solve? What benefit will the prospect receive? Putting the emphasis on the benefits is important here.

Often, this is where a guarantee gets mentioned. Satisfaction or your money back, or whatever is appropriate for your industry. I have even heard of a waste hauler offering; satisfaction guaranteed, or double your garbage back!

Once you have your plan in place, get the message in front of the people with the problem you are trying to solve. After that, it is just repetition, clarity, and cashing checks.

Branding, colors, logos, typefaces, all those relevant things are for another article.

Hope this helps.

Wayne Pratt