I recently went to a wedding in Tennessee, and I went to the Titanic Museum, and I got pondering; if you had a suspicion that your ship was sinking, what would you do? Two things I have done, (neither wise).
Ignore the evidence, and my gut feelings, and drove into the iceberg, or secondly, push it down, mutter, assume nothing can be done, and enjoy heartburn and headaches for weeks or months until external events forced me to act.
With age and hopefully some wisdom, I have learned a third way.
Start with a clear, unvarnished understanding of what is and what you want changed.
Layout how the change with the new reality would be a tangible benefit.
Layout time lines for when this change will have taken place, and the action steps that are required to make that change possible, without wishful thinking. (No, buying a 649 ticket is not goal setting.)
Every week make at least some incremental action toward the big goal or change.
Journal the steps and the proposed completion so that it does not seem haphazard or random.
Frequently imagine this life change having taken place with as many mental pictures, sounds and even smells as you can. This is also a tremendous tonic against discouragement.
Set up mini celebrations for milestones along the way to keep it present tense.
Achieve and enjoy your completed goal.
And as the shampoo instructions suggest, rinse and repeat.
Till we chat again,