As I write this, we are in the middle of October, and people are starting to plan what they want for the holidays, or perhaps what they want for the remainder of the year.

Yes, planning is important, it rises you above the chaos surrounding the random and the urgent. I am asking to go beyond. Ask the now what question. If you are reading this you are probably in my demographic. The 55 plus crowd, and some of us are now in a different grouping in surveys. So I ask again, Now what?

The house is nearly paid, (hopefully) the kids may be on their own, the career you picked twenty or more years ago does not seem to fulfill like it used to, maybe technology has made some parts of your job redundant. So, the natural thing is to mope. I encourage it! For two or three weeks. Then move on!

The next place to go is thinking about retirement. Great; the cruise, the improved golf game, the travel itinerary. All worthy plans, and should fill the bill for a year, maybe two. May I remind you as a society we are living longer, healthier lives. So, the question remains, how can I find fulfillment if I’ve still got twenty years?

The reality is the days will pass, what will you fill them with? And no, I don’t have the answers. My job as a coach is to ask really good questions! If you are stuck, email me. (The discovery call is free) and no one is pushed into being an unwitting client. ( I only want clients I know I can help)

I look forward to hearing from you and remain,