Many people are traveling this winter, so it is appropriate to discuss Someday Isle. It’s not a place, it is a mindset. Originally penned by Dennis Waitley.

Someday Isle
will go back to school.

Someday Isle
I will go to Hawaii.

Someday Isle
will lose that 30 lbs.

This is not
goal setting, this is wish setting.

So what is a goal?

A dream with a deadline!

As a life
coach, I am amazed how few people have written goals. It is very difficult to
help people achieve their goals, if they don’t have any.

So, why are
people so deathly afraid of goal setting? Here are some thoughts.

What if I
fail? I will be embarrassed, and I would have to face my friends!

Look at it this way, if you don’t set them,
you are unlikely to achieve them. And then you will have failed. At least in
terms of potential.

You are not invested
enough in the why. Why is the goal important to you? How would achieving that
goal make you feel? At the end of the day it is usually the feeling you are
looking for. The stuff are often just placeholders.

The goal
wasn’t yours. It was your boss’s. It was your spouse’s. It was your father’s.
It is hard to get excited about second-hand goals.

What if I succeed, and it just raises the bar? Fear of success is both very real and often hidden. Jim Rohn said, how tall will a tree grow? A tall as it can. Be like that tree.  

Till we chat again,