Coming out of this pandemic we’re hearing a lot more about anxiety than we ever have.
I am not a therapist, and I am not trying to minimise how crippling it can be for people suffering from these symptoms. I do understand depression though, so here are some thoughts…
We old guys used to call it worry. Maybe focusing and catastrophizing on unseen future events isn’t necessarily the best answer.
Perhaps you will find this useful, perhaps you will say you just don’t get it. Either way I am Ok. As a dear friend once told me, eat the chicken, spit out the bones.

Try keeping a small journal with you. When a feeling of anxiety appears, stop what you are doing, if you can, and write it down. Put your focus on putting words on paper instead. Your breathing will slow as you begin to write or even doodle!

Or try meditating for a moment You don’t need an hour sitting cross legged! Even 6 to 10 deep breaths will make a big difference. Close your eyes if you can.

And, last but not least, just saying “Thank You” can reduce the anxiety you are feeling. Try to think of at least three or four things you are grateful for. It may sound trite, but it works!

As Jack Canfield, (Mr Chicken Soup for the soul) has said, you maybe imagining the very worse scenario for the future event. He says go ahead, imagine that, but then take a moment to come up with ways to prevent that from happening, and implement those solutions!

Remember, you have survived everything that has happened to you this far!

Let me know if I am on track, or badly off; I care about what you think.