We are now in week 5 or 6 (who’s counting?) of what is being called the new normal.
Let’s see:

  • Boredom, check
  • Frustration, check
  • Despair, let’s not check that one yet. And yes, I am preaching to myself.

You may be laid off, or you are uncertain if your employer will survive, or even if you want to go back.
You think, or have been told, now is the wrong time to start a business. Perhaps, but a cook-from-home service in my neighbourhood delivered over 50 Easter dinners alone!
I believe it’s the perfect time to plan a new business! You have the time and maybe (due to government payouts,) the money.
So what would this new business look like? Let’s see. But this is not the time for a 40 page business plan.
Get some paper (not a keyboard), legal-size if you have it. Use different coloured pens or markers, and make a mind map.  (Google it)
What would this new business do?
What problem would it solve?
Why are you the person to do it?
What action steps are required between here and there?
If you would like to do this, give me a call, it’s on me. I will gladly take you to the next step.