Jim Rohn, a speaker and author that I followed, offered that your success will mostly be an average of the five people you hang with most. Often frightening, but strangely accurate. So what do you do with that information?

To start, evaluate those five lives. Do they reflect what you want to be, do or have? If so, spectacular! If not, now what?

There was an old saying in direct marketing circles; if you can’t change the people, change the people. Harsh, but it might be where you end up. On reflection, is the vibration or as some would say the “vibe” that these people give off uplifting? Do you leave a discussion with them encouraged, perhaps even hopeful, or are they charter members of the “Aint it awful club” (Thank you Jack Canfield)

If you found a book or a DVD that really resonated with you, would they read or play it? If not, you got your answer.

However, if they incrementally started to make positive changes, you could be changing their lives as well as improving their interactions with you. What a great investment!

I always have books and DVD’s I recommend so let me know if you need some suggestions. If Mr. Rohn (and several others who say similar things) are correct, your success depends on it.

Till we chat again,