Your thoughts have the potential of coming true and their manifestation is usually ushered in by repetition. Before you think I am getting too “woo woo” on you, you know if you are not careful, you often create negative manifestions, i.e. worry!  

Mark Twain is claimed to have said: “I have lived through some terrible things; some have even happened!”  

 So, can you worry less? Yes, focus more on what you want and less of what you are afraid of. You can think of it more like practical daydreaming.  

 For you to utilize and harness the power of thoughts, here are the things you must do:  

  •  Whatever it is that you desire to achieve, relish in the visuals by using your imagination.  
  • The next step is to be very detailed about this mental scene. Think of the scent, sound, color, and any other thing that can help you add life to it.  
  • Now, have the belief that this thought of yours will come to manifestation one day and never stop visualizing it.  

And yes, I am preaching to myself as well – negative self-talk is just too easy. 

 One of the things we don’t know about our subconscious mind is that it doesn’t separate imaginary experiences from real experiences because all the mental pictures you feed it will be accepted as real ones. Consequential to that, it’s best that you use this to your advantage, let your subconscious mind’s images roll with the reality, and use this to receive opportunities and make some laudable and worthwhile changes. You’ll be surprised that in a natural way your frequently visualized objects, situations, and actions will happen.   

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