They say if you are a hammer, everything looks like a nail. However, I believe that many people, certainly the self-employed, would benefit from coaching.

I find that many people are afraid to book a discovery call, Ie: free. I believe they think they might get a hard sell, or they don’t want to take the coach’s time if they are unsure they would benefit. I have built a solution.

Most coaching starts with a formula, and the questions are often similar, it is the answers that make the difference! I have recorded a sample of a coaching meeting and built a downloadable form that you can respond to. You can send it to me if you would like me to respond, or just keep it for any insight it should provide. It takes on average, 15 to 20 minutes to complete and should give you at least a taste of what coaching is about.

In order to gauge the user experience, I am willing to send you an e-book I wrote on Clarity, in exchange for your opinion. Even if you tell me it wasn’t helpful, your feedback on why it might not have been helpful for you would be very helpful to me. So, no risk, taking only 15 minutes of your time, you might gain some insight which might have been eluding you, and get a pretty good book just for letting me know!

Until we chat again,