Can you see your upcoming destinations? Scan the horizon!
It’s February of a new year, you have already abandoned some of your resolutions, and you are starting to wonder about the willpower for the rest of them. It is time to convert the ones that really matter to you to GOALS! So what is the difference?

Resolutions are usually about “shoulds” I have said it before, but external forces and your culture don’t have the power to truly drive you, only to guilt you. They set you up for failure.

So what do you want? I mean really, really want? Something you can practically taste! And culture and advertising aside, it doesn’t have to be about stuff! I know some of you are saying, who are you and what have you done with Wayne! Let me assure you, a well-crafted watch or a newly released iPad still brings me pleasure, but if this pandemic has taught me anything it’s that we should be striving for more Joy. So how do you stand a better chance of getting your wish list onto your accomplishments list?

Some thoughts:
Focus on becoming a human being more than a human doing, or even a human getting. If what you are striving for flows out of a genuine understanding of who you are and what you want to become, setbacks and roadblocks lose much of their dread, and often become smaller and more manageable than you thought.

Also, can you see your achievement bettering or helping others in some way? At some level, you probably want your life to mean more than just an exercise in just collecting “stuff” and watching the  Shopping Channel. This is not just an opinion; this can be backed up with science. My mentor, Jack Canfield, (Mr. Chicken Soup) practices and teaches kinesiology, specifically muscle testing. (Google it, it is fascinating) Suffice it to say, your body knows when you are lying, even to yourself, and surprisingly you will also test weak if you think you are the only one who will benefit from this goal achievement. At the risk of being redundant, if you have been following me for a while, focus on the “whys”.

  • I want this because I want to see the look in my wife’s eyes.
  • I want this because it helps a woman in Kenya buy a sewing machine to provide for her family.
  • I want this because the extra money would provide food security to more people.

I am not trying to provide you a list to follow; it has to be your own list that will drive your goal achievement! So scan the horizon!

Until we chat again,

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