To help you get to the next level, I want to discuss self-affirmations, and its brother, visualization.
Jack Canfield says, “See the perfect future, then become what you see.”
Whether people admit it or not we all talk to ourselves, and usually it is a negative script. Do you want to change this? Many of you may think affirmations are too woo-woo for you, but you already know the converse, the always negative person who seems to attract only bad things into their life. They often think it is bad luck; I suggest they are choosing it, if only by the power of what they focus on.
So I ask you to try, only for one month, write an affirmation of you achieving your goal, what it looks like, and how it makes you feel. Say it out loud, then as the shampoo label says rinse and repeat. Do this at least once a day, some suggest twice, preferably at bedtime, so that your dream accomplishment is the last thought of the day, and you can get your subconscious mind working on it as well!
Some tips to make affirmation work even better:

  • Use some emotion in your voice to suggest what it might feel like.
  • State the affirmation in the present tense. May 31… I have etc.
  • Create the picture in your mind vividly of what it looks like.
  • Use action verbs like: having, living, achieving , loving, seeing, etc.  (“ing” endings seem to have more power.)
  • If possible add sounds, smells, and touch to your mental movie as you say the affirmation.
  • Have fun with it!

Let me know how it works out,