You have been standing by the pool for over a year; dive in!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about side gigs, how it may be time to stop the should and could’ s and do something!

Don’t have a business packaged and ready to start? Check out Network Marketing. Every thing is there: supplements, oils, training; I even found a business that gets you to watch TV, eat popcorn and tell your friends! The perfect pandemic business.

And in case you think network marketing is beneath you, Jack Canfield, A multi millionaire and hero of mine now sells essential oils through a downline. And I doubt it was because he could not afford his new Prius.

For under $500 you can buy a business in a box in any field that interests you. Not only do you get a product line, well done marketing materials that you could not afford to develop your self, and, most importantly, training and handholding that is more practical and deliverable than most College courses. So why not?

I get it, this year we have been given a steady diet of fear and dread. What if I fail? Feal the fear and do it any way. Every decision is a success or a learning opportunity.

To help with that decision, I am willing to buy you a coaching session. It is on me. You might become a client you might not, either is fine, but after a session you will have a much clearer understanding about what you want and what it costs to get there.

Either way, dive in, the water is fine!