Do you know that you have the capacity to take your life to an incredible level with the intelligence embedded inside you? Yes, you can wield that power, but it isn’t surprising that most people do not know how powerful they are. In order for us to live a life where happiness and abundance are everywhere, we must understand that our thoughts change things, We have to learn to work with the intelligence we have, to guide our thoughts, and find pleasure in the wealth, friendship, love, richness, happiness, and freedom that we are naturally expected to enjoy. 

For us to create poverty and sickness or wealth and happiness, a very powerful instrument we can use is our thoughts. Most of us allow our thoughts to serve as an obstacle to our greatness and this explains why the wealth, health, and freedom we’re supposed to enjoy become elusive. You must change your thoughts if you desire to change your life because your life is created by your thoughts. If you let your thoughts work against you, it’s very likely that your life may not become what you want it to be.  

 The interesting thing about all of this is that you’re the master of your thoughts and you alone can choose what you want to think about.  And, of course, this means that you can enjoy the results you want since you can choose and change your thoughts — you’re the guardian of your thoughts and you’re the master of your head.  

 Looking at how important our thoughts are, it’s very crucial that you don’t think of something you really don’t wish to happen. Quit thinking about the possibility of losing if you don’t want to lose your relationships, health or resources.  

 Rather than give room to these thoughts that are destructive, decide to focus on thoughts that refuel you and make you feel better. Think of how loved you are, how intelligent or handsome you are, or any positive thinking and you’ll be surprised to see how these things begin to manifest in their little and subtle ways. Your thoughts come before your emotions and actions and it’s what you think that often determines how you’ll feel and act.  

 Looking at how significant it is for you to learn to become the master of your thoughts, you must become more conscious of your thoughts in daily life, and my next blog posts will contain much of the information you need to learn to direct your thoughts resourcefully and enjoy the outputs of positive thinking.  

So stay tuned!