One of the reasons some people don’t get the desired result from visualization is that they frame their dreams as things they want to happen instead of things they believe will happen. This little tweak can be the magic wand you have been waiting for that will bridge the gap between your dreams and your reality.

When you just hope something will happen, you’ll have doubts about the outcome. And when you aren’t confident that you can achieve something, it affects your commitment to its accomplishment. However, when you are convinced that you can and will achieve the goal, it completely changes the energy you bring to the visualization.

After choosing your target, the next step involves using your imagination to create specific images around the goal. Imagine yourself performing and achieving the goal. If your dream is to get that degree, imagine yourself being accepted to the school or University of your choice. Then imagine yourself graduating and using your newfound expertise to benefit others  (except art history, no one benefits from an art history degree.) If you see yourself as a public speaker, see the crowd eating up what you have to say, hear and feel the applause for your talk.

Begin by thinking about the process of achieving your target. And regardless of what challenges might come your way, the mental rehearsal of seeing it through will go a long way to getting you there. Remember, if you don’t expect good things to happen to you, it will affect your visualization. It will be harder to imagine yourself achieving monumental success.

Life can be unpredictable. Nevertheless, there are still many people who have been able to achieve their dreams. Why not you?

You may rightly ask, “ok Mister Expert, what have you visualized lately?” Well, I was raised on the Rideau river, and even though we moved to town in 1972, I knew even then, that I wanted to live on the Rideau again. When we spent time in our cottage at Chaffey’s Locks, my passion only got stronger.

Five years ago, we moved to near Seeley’s Bay and I am staring out as an adult, at a lake on the Rideau system that I stared out on as a  kid. But it took Thirty years!

May I stress the value of being specific? My wife has long dreamed of going back to Scotland. And two years ago I took her to Scotland! (it was Scotland Pennsylvania…) I got no points, but we did go to Scotland. Again, I say be specific!

I hope this post was helpful and you will try to put it into action, or at least what parts of it apply to you.

And then, please tell me how you made out.

Until we chat again