It’s Christmas, and I want you to get yourself a gift!

Pick up a copy of Napoleon Hill’s seminal work “Think and Grow Rich” and read it over the Holidays. I know of no book outside of wisdom literature which has more power to change your next year. It is a known fact we become what we think about, so why not focus on desires and possibilities, rather than fear and potential chaos.

Who is Napolean Hill? Hill is the grandfather of the whole self-development-Motivational training industry. His most famous book, “Think and Grow Rich” was published in the 1930’s and is still affecting lives today. His acolytes include Bob Proctor, Clement Stone, Jack Canfield, and hundreds of thousands of others to help them do, be, and have more. Do I agree with every word? No, but when I eat chicken, I spit out the bones.

As well, I have a gift for you: If you read the first four chapters I will give you a free session of coaching to discuss what you thought of the book, and how you might include some of his teaching into having a better, more fulfilled life. I have included a link to my book store, so you don’t even have to leave the house!

If I don’t see you over the Holidays, have a safe and blessed season, filled with joy and possibilities.