Last week we talked about unlocking, today I am talking about becoming.

It’s more work, I grant you, but no less important.

First, as mentioned in last week’s post, you have to decide what you want to become. So that starts with GOALS. What do you want? Notice I said you, not what do your parents want, not what do your teachers want, and certainly not what your culture tells you that you want!

Many people are afraid of the language of goal setting – and that’s fine. So ask the question in a different way; what problem are you trying to solve? What does better look like? What specifically would make your life seem more meaningful? Spend some time on this, don’t let your future be accidental. And yes that means taking responsibility for your choices and destinations. I may have just lost half of my readers, but stick with me, it will be worth it. You have seven areas of your life. (people use different language) So here goes:

Financial, is the one most discussed.

 Vocational, work

physical health

Educational what do you want to learn?

Family often neglected

Community beyond geography, who do you want to leave better off?

Recreational What charges up your batteries?

I would suggest you could or maybe should have desires or hopes for all these areas, but focus on two or three to start.

Write them down!

If not you will probably find they will stay wishes and not goals.

Now I am going to let you into the secret of success coaching. It is two parts – the mini-goal, which is what you could achieve in the next 90 days (or quarter, or season). This will help you feel you are well on your way to the one, three or even five-year goal. We can get our heads around a shorter-term goal.

The second part is the action step. Here is where the rubber meets the road. What can you accomplish in the next two weeks or less, to put you on track for that bigger goal? helping you decide and holding you accountable to those action steps is at the heart of successful coaching relationships.

Don’t know how to start? Send me a note, or book a discovery call. It is free and doesn’t involve me trying to sell anything.

Until we chat again,